07 février 2011

Much more than 'Court-Métrage'...

I just had the best day for a long time!!! (Not the fullest, I had several times two days in a row without going home! O_ o")Just when I thought I should go home (to prepare the translation for the director's presentations tomorrow at my art school - EDIT : in the end, I translated both directors ^^°) I couldn't leave; we went to a bar to drink and eat, then to a great Rock 'n' Roll live show, then when I finally got on my way home I met James with whom I had a great chat ^^Thank you so much all the people I met who were just so... [Lire la suite]
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04 février 2011

plaster mold and silicone. . . molding workshop 2011 at the esacm

Here some pictures of the past three days. This workshop was really enriching and very interesting!The artist, Frank, who taught us all these things was joking with us all the time, but he was always there for a dozen of students! Really remarkable, I'm really thankful I had the chance to participate.Transform my body's shape by first molding my hands. These are for two different projects : I didn't care their look so much, they are the base for other constructions (animalic hands, Popeyearms etc). He did my left hand, I did the... [Lire la suite]
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29 janvier 2011

recycling (pencil)cases

I'm already sold some, people laugh when seeing them or even ask what they are! then, they show a second surprise when discovering the opening system! :D Mine is now 3 years old and still works perfectly! 1 liter of pens! ^^ Here the Making-Of :  bisous
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21 janvier 2011

visiting card for my Valen-...technician! lD

Here a little job the technician of my former school gave me.I wanted the card sending out a modern atmosphere. The first second you see the card, it should be clear whom's name it carries. A technician's. Not a technician of something random, but a technician of modern computers of an modern establishment. First, I searched some motives concerning the modern computer engineering. I spontaneously scanned a USB-stick, only to see how it will work out. I think it was a good idea, but it didn't work out as well as I would have liked.... [Lire la suite]
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24 décembre 2010

holliday without any free time... Christmas!

layers and layers of photoshopping... I have to learn to draw on only one sheeds for each, outlines and color! °lD     ( As you can see, the first version wasn't as flipped out! XD I'll see if I will color this one...)
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20 novembre 2010

rénovation de la condition humaine. . .

I'm at a new start but still continuing learning. This time at the ésacm École Supérieure d'Art de Clermont-Ferrand Métropole doing my 4th and 5th year until the Master (DNSEP).( more of this new school soon here in my weblog! ) More and more I'm asked by coincidence if I could do some bookbindings or, in this case here, a renovation of the human's condition'! ^^ The General Secretary gave me this task, he simply wanted to be able to read this without it falling apart. He liked what I've done and me too, for once, I'm quite... [Lire la suite]
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05 octobre 2010

DNAT octobre 2010

5 octobre, 11h a.m. : ésaé - it's over! You can see here from left to right :- my cosplay (see here the exposition )- my personal site animated on Flash, not online yet.- the interactive multimedia site "enouiz"- the projector for my videos- behind : silkprints- the spring of the poets (la femme en couleur)- and several scrap-/ photography and drawingbooks- you don't see the graphism in the right corner
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24 septembre 2010

bookbinding workshop 2010

After I did a internship with a bookbinder in Trier (Germany), I looked forward to give my knowledge to the others of my school. SOON : pictures from these two days of workshop:  
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05 septembre 2010

two identities

Here one of my projects for my diploma in october 2010. After being inspired by Boltanski, Sherman, Akerman, LeGac and most of all Gasiorowski, I realized that I had two identities in me for years! Let's fight each against the other, shall we? I uploaded this video on dailymotion now! Because I want to seperate the 'official' floheyflo (DailyMotion) and the otaku baka-tschann (YouTube).   The description can't contain too much text so here it is : Gérard Gasiorowski s’est crée deux identités à côté de la sienne. Ces... [Lire la suite]
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16 août 2010

Was ich eines Tages erreichen möchte...

I will translate this soon.... If I do now. it will never have the same effect... sry Hier ein kleiner Ausschnitt eines Onlinegesprâchs über das NachrichtenSystem von animexx.de. Ich antwortete, wie ich mich gerade fühlte. Er schrieb : > Weißt du, nachdem du mit dem Studium fertig bist und du schon eine Weile> gearbeitet hast, schon ein paar große Projekte abgeschlossen hast, wofür > sollte dich die Welt kennen; als was möchtest du als Künstlerin gesehen werden? Ich schrieb :hm... Eine humorvolle Erfinderin leicht... [Lire la suite]
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