Here some pictures of the past three days. This workshop was really enriching and very interesting!
The artist, Frank, who taught us all these things was joking with us all the time, but he was always there for a dozen of students! Really remarkable, I'm really thankful I had the chance to participate.

Transform my body's shape by first molding my hands. These are for two different projects :

100B5382_ 100B5450_ 100B5341 100B5520_
100B5670_ 100B5740_ 100B5770 100B5730
I didn't care their look so much, they are the base for other constructions (animalic hands, Popeyearms etc). He did my left hand, I did the right... not logical, I'm right hander! lD

again body-transforming parts :

popeye 100B5231_ 100B5261 100B5400 100B5500_
soon : the finished mask in silicone

experimenting with clay (positive), then plaster (negative), then coloured silicone (positive) :

100B5601 100B5540 100B5630 100B5820_ 100B5650_

A simple try of sort of body marks like scars on the skin. I tried to colour the silicone with make-up powder and it worked!
EDIT : Silicone is SO simple so manipulate!! I love it! I'll see what I can learn about it even more ^^

-soon more!-

bisous x3