26 septembre 2012

presentation of my videos shown at my Master

  This is the booklet that I send with a DVD to show my videos. This on was for the Creux de L'Enfer in Thiers, France. Au Havre : respirations : clic : You can download this booklet here or read it online here. --> --> ','hspace':null,'vspace':null,'align':null,'bgcolor':null}">
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12 mai 2011

Regards sur l'Europe 2011

Month ago, I saw thet there was a competition for video and photo with the subject "Regards sur l'Europe" ("look/sight on Europe"). I wanted to participate, so I send my work. A video and a photo. I have been honored with the first price, so awesome! This is the photo the jury chose : A photo I took in Le Havre The second work I presented was the video "Klischees" :  This mosaic photo appears in negativ sometimes... who knows why... ??? Canalblog strikes too often. My (photo)submition was presented like this : It's... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2011

short film screening

After I was chosen to shw my work in the Chapelle des Cordeliers in Clermont-Ferrand (photography and videography), I prepared screenings in case I'll meet interesting people-- er no, because it was SURE, I would meet interesting people! :D Here it is :I found a great technique to print the papers without any loss and the best construction and handling.  
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19 mars 2011

My first successful competition!

One of my videos got awarded at the Videoformes' Une Minute competition in the Highschool's category :It is a national competition in video creation supported by the Fondation Varenne, the DRAC d'Auvergneand the Rectorat de Clermont-Ferrand open to students and associations. Saturday, 19 march, 18h30 at the 'Petit Vélo'   (http://www.videoformes-fest.com/festival-11/comp%C3%A9tition-vid%C3%A9o-1-minute/) I'm really glad the jury liked my video. Unfortunatly, it wasn't shown entirely at the palmarés and there are problems at... [Lire la suite]
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06 mars 2011

Flo goes "Festivals"!

It was a great and really productive day! Well, the others too, but this one was a little special ^^ First thing : I finally had a really great English seminar for a long time now. It was so great to speak english with French without them looking at me as if I were crazy or snobbish acting up in front of them.The greatest is that they give us the possibility to pass an internationally recognised exam! (yeah, recognised with an s, I try to speak British English! XD) Not only that the teacher to exercises with us and prepares us to pass... [Lire la suite]
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05 septembre 2010

two identities

Here one of my projects for my diploma in october 2010. After being inspired by Boltanski, Sherman, Akerman, LeGac and most of all Gasiorowski, I realized that I had two identities in me for years! Let's fight each against the other, shall we? I uploaded this video on dailymotion now! Because I want to seperate the 'official' floheyflo (DailyMotion) and the otaku baka-tschann (YouTube).   The description can't contain too much text so here it is : Gérard Gasiorowski s’est crée deux identités à côté de la sienne. Ces... [Lire la suite]
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09 avril 2010

animation- for me the most fascinating ever!

Here this great awesome genious video Patrick Jean' 'Pixels' : exactly what I love so much and what I want to do and learn- the mix of video and animation (3D or 2D) to create a new world, a surprising and humouristic one, where everthing becomes possible! I'm so tired of not being able to create pictures I want to show. So I have to learn so much about AfterEffects (2D1/2), Maya and so on.  I'm thirsty- only satisfied when I can couch what I had in mind... bisos X3 
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23 mars 2009

Arc Expo 2009 - "Un autre regard sur la BMI ou l'envers du décor"

"Another look on the BMI or the other side of the scenery" (projection on plexiglas in a loop of 2'26" without sound, 2009) This is my finished work for the exposition project in the Musée de l'Image in Épinal. vou can see the video here some screenshots : We worked on a recently constructed multimedia centre. The main source of inspiration and the starting point for every body. The first thing I noticed was the variety of odors. On one hand freshly cut wood, plastic, synthetic fabrics and chemical cleaning agent and on the other... [Lire la suite]
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