12 mai 2011

Regards sur l'Europe 2011

Month ago, I saw thet there was a competition for video and photo with the subject "Regards sur l'Europe" ("look/sight on Europe"). I wanted to participate, so I send my work. A video and a photo. I have been honored with the first price, so awesome! This is the photo the jury chose : A photo I took in Le Havre The second work I presented was the video "Klischees" :  This mosaic photo appears in negativ sometimes... who knows why... ??? Canalblog strikes too often. My (photo)submition was presented like this : It's... [Lire la suite]
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21 mars 2011

ARC paysage - a week in Le Havre

I had the chance to be one of the students chosen for a one week study trip in Le Havre (sunday 20.03. - friday 25.03.2011). We were chosen by our projects we presented (written) weeks before the trip. Here some pictures of this open, geometrical and new city at the ocean. (selected Google Earth pictures) (pictures taken with a Canon EOS except the two first ones)  For my project, I wanted to work on these strange and nearly surreal forms seen from above. Thank you p.e.  Laura,        ... [Lire la suite]
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19 mars 2011

My first successful competition!

One of my videos got awarded at the Videoformes' Une Minute competition in the Highschool's category :It is a national competition in video creation supported by the Fondation Varenne, the DRAC d'Auvergneand the Rectorat de Clermont-Ferrand open to students and associations. Saturday, 19 march, 18h30 at the 'Petit Vélo'   (http://www.videoformes-fest.com/festival-11/comp%C3%A9tition-vid%C3%A9o-1-minute/) I'm really glad the jury liked my video. Unfortunatly, it wasn't shown entirely at the palmarés and there are problems at... [Lire la suite]
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07 mars 2011


I just began my internship at the Videoformes Film Festival. We built the parts for the installations (expositions and projections) wich means cleaning of the wood, paiting, level out, sanding, painting, transporting, electronical installation... The constructions and preparations in La Tôlerie :  The installation on La Place Jaude : Installation in La Chapelle : Here a video from Justine Emard who was with us these days while we did her installation in the Chapelle.   Vernissage at La Tôlerie : (I spoke to... [Lire la suite]
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07 mars 2011

continuing to train myself...

I got to improve my technique, so I did one two things after each day of Videoformes's internship. - A tiny molding exercise I did this evening, I just finished the second side of the four sides this evening (the bottom will be the casting/molding opening in the final printing). I will do the two other sides tomorrow- err... no, today.  (it's 01:03 a.m. already!)   - And another mold with whom I will do a mask with a material I discovered at Videoformes' internship : It is easy to manipulate, you get a beautiful smoth... [Lire la suite]
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06 mars 2011

Flo goes "Festivals"!

It was a great and really productive day! Well, the others too, but this one was a little special ^^ First thing : I finally had a really great English seminar for a long time now. It was so great to speak english with French without them looking at me as if I were crazy or snobbish acting up in front of them.The greatest is that they give us the possibility to pass an internationally recognised exam! (yeah, recognised with an s, I try to speak British English! XD) Not only that the teacher to exercises with us and prepares us to pass... [Lire la suite]
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26 février 2011

continuing the costumes

Here some pictures of the work in progress. . .First, I sandpapered the hands to be sure and then started to work with clay on one of them...       I will cast them in silicone (tainted+painted) so I can put them on like gloves sticked to my skin This is the only useful reference with which I had to work. bisous X3
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08 février 2011


  ... when I know how to make doppelgänger! °XD I didn't put the seminars, cources and deadlines, but here are main dates : 08.12.-02.01.2011 - Christmas holidays 12.01.-13.01.2011 - bilan, test 04.02.-13.02.2011 - Short Film Festival (Festival Court Métrage) (with internship) 05.03.-13.03.2011 - Winter holidays with   07.03.-19.03.2011 - internship montage and festival   17.03.-19.03.2011 - festival Videoformes 18.03.-19.03.2011 - open dors, portes ouvertes ésacm   04.04.-07.04.2011 - stage... [Lire la suite]
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07 février 2011

Much more than 'Court-Métrage'...

I just had the best day for a long time!!! (Not the fullest, I had several times two days in a row without going home! O_ o")Just when I thought I should go home (to prepare the translation for the director's presentations tomorrow at my art school - EDIT : in the end, I translated both directors ^^°) I couldn't leave; we went to a bar to drink and eat, then to a great Rock 'n' Roll live show, then when I finally got on my way home I met James with whom I had a great chat ^^Thank you so much all the people I met who were just so... [Lire la suite]
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04 février 2011

plaster mold and silicone. . . molding workshop 2011 at the esacm

Here some pictures of the past three days. This workshop was really enriching and very interesting!The artist, Frank, who taught us all these things was joking with us all the time, but he was always there for a dozen of students! Really remarkable, I'm really thankful I had the chance to participate.Transform my body's shape by first molding my hands. These are for two different projects : I didn't care their look so much, they are the base for other constructions (animalic hands, Popeyearms etc). He did my left hand, I did the... [Lire la suite]
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