10 novembre 2011

molding experiences

  I never eat cabbage. At the Crous' awards ceremony the 7th of novemer 2011 where I won the third regional prize, they presented a buffet with eatable installations : entire cabbage in which they poked toothpicks with fingerfood. I wanted to preserve these little strange landscapes inside of these vegetable forms and molded them. Then, I looked, what else would create strange forms... I tried an elastomer and a latex mold to keep all the details. I hadn't the time to do more, i did my diploma instead. My year 2013... [Lire la suite]
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07 mars 2011

continuing to train myself...

I got to improve my technique, so I did one two things after each day of Videoformes's internship. - A tiny molding exercise I did this evening, I just finished the second side of the four sides this evening (the bottom will be the casting/molding opening in the final printing). I will do the two other sides tomorrow- err... no, today.  (it's 01:03 a.m. already!)   - And another mold with whom I will do a mask with a material I discovered at Videoformes' internship : It is easy to manipulate, you get a beautiful smoth... [Lire la suite]
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