24 janvier 2010

Post-It / texte en ligne

  The project 'post-it' was an exposition exercise where something printed (image, text etc.) shall be realized in a repositional exposition. I started with Banksy and his work London 2005 similar to Francis Alÿs Green Line or The Leak. Both use the city as canvas and make the spectator follow his trace. But Banksy pushes the project further since he installed a sudden end; the white paint line is absorbed by a british officier. I liked this idea of drawing the attention of the spectator and the surprising end of... [Lire la suite]
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18 janvier 2010

bookbinding internship

These are a few fotos I took while working at the bookbinder Franz Mohr (the bookbinder master is André Gumprecht) to learn all his techniques. I love it! I don't buy sketchbooks anymore, it's so much better to choose size, binding, number of pages and also paper or fabric of the cover: protecting or noble...   (oldschool: analogical photos!) bisous X3   note @ myself : digital books online zum Blättern!
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03 décembre 2009


Some of the other silk prints here in the gallery. The colors are aweful here! The red is orange and the blue is nearly black!But uploaded the colors change... quite annoying! ^^ bisous X3
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30 novembre 2009

Montreuil 2009

Merci!Merci à tous ceux qui étaient curieux et ont pris le temps de regarder notre stand de l'École Supérieure d'Art d'Épinal (ésaé) au salon du livre jeunesse de Montreuil!!!             Le salon était un grand succès, j'ai fait plein de rencontres avec des éditeurs, des professionnels et des visiteurs. Tous étaient motivés et intéressants/intéressés ce qui m'a donné trop envie d'échanger plein de choses.J'ai montré mes trousses de récupération en briques de lait et diverses séries de... [Lire la suite]
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28 novembre 2009

elimination animation

This I a work I realized in my first year of the school of art ésaé. It was the very first time I touched Adobe Flash and I enjoyed doing this animation! I hope you do too while watching it! ^ ___ ^ (On deviantart is this animation in a much better resolution!)ELIMINATION_AnimationNEU_FLASH8 bisous X3
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27 novembre 2009


I would like to show my animation for the multimedia project but devianart.com doesn't get it with the Loadmovie...so...Here a piece of it where I put completly random text to show a little bit the sort of style this will be! ^^ wanna_say_something(25dpi! ugh!!) bisous X3
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26 novembre 2009

silk prints!

this is a picture drawn with my left hand, coloured with photoshopThe pictures are silk prints I made 2008 in St Etienne (10 in total). all these originals are for sale!
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23 mars 2009

Arc Expo 2009 - "Un autre regard sur la BMI ou l'envers du décor"

"Another look on the BMI or the other side of the scenery" (projection on plexiglas in a loop of 2'26" without sound, 2009) This is my finished work for the exposition project in the Musée de l'Image in Épinal. vou can see the video here some screenshots : We worked on a recently constructed multimedia centre. The main source of inspiration and the starting point for every body. The first thing I noticed was the variety of odors. On one hand freshly cut wood, plastic, synthetic fabrics and chemical cleaning agent and on the other... [Lire la suite]
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