01 juin 2010

exposition cosplay vernissage

 The exposition went very well, the visitors were very interested and liked my work. this is great! Thank you so much!! photo by kashikosa / Marko Russo        Here some pictures of the vernissage may the 31th, 6 p.m. :  
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26 mai 2010

cosplay exposition 2010

Finally it's time! I organised an exposition where I will show my creations during these years. I will wear one of my cosplays myself the day of the vernissage. When you are near Épinal, come! I will be really happy! ^^  photo by kashikosa / Marko Russo The cosplay conventions Hanami and Dokomi in Ludwigshafen and Düsseldorf were great! I was disguised as ostdeutsches Ampelmännchen (red fire light from East Germany).We were SO lucky with the weather and I spoke to so many old friends and learned to know new interesting people.... [Lire la suite]
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25 mai 2010


What I discovered once more : . I already want to buy a good reflex one day to take great photos with great colours and more interesting and deeper focal aperture. . . expensive.. I began to think about a camescope to finally work freely without the school’s material.. And now a friend borrowed me this sound recorder. IT’S SO GREAT!!! expensive. One more thing to get in the best case of the best cases? This will be so horribly expensive, but I'm working on it. I have to, I want to! òo When I win an art contest, I'll earn... [Lire la suite]
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26 avril 2010

the spring of the poets 2010 - finally official exposed!!

Finally my first really big print shown outdoors!The first one for the citation was a little bit smaller and shown in expositions in Metz and Nancy. Here you can see the finished original poster! And all the posters on the side of the École Supérieure d'Art dÉpinal (clic 'voir tous les événements', then 'PRINTEMPS DES POETES')   (a photoshoped photo; we took each other's picture and I assembled them ^^) Valentin, this poster's photographer, writer and realisatorand me who was model, realisator and I had the idea. This is so... [Lire la suite]
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09 avril 2010

animation- for me the most fascinating ever!

Here this great awesome genious video Patrick Jean' 'Pixels' : exactly what I love so much and what I want to do and learn- the mix of video and animation (3D or 2D) to create a new world, a surprising and humouristic one, where everthing becomes possible! I'm so tired of not being able to create pictures I want to show. So I have to learn so much about AfterEffects (2D1/2), Maya and so on.  I'm thirsty- only satisfied when I can couch what I had in mind... bisos X3 
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01 avril 2010

typography workshop 2010

eating chocolate bars to get sugar while having earbuds in my ears is kind of strange when chewing. . .I would have like a great bacon-patato-sandwich for lunch... but I want to finish this typography!!!! I'm hungry!!!! lD I will show and explain the whole typo when it is completly finished! ^^ So... this was a workshop of typography. We searched for a fond expressing a precise theme.I began with the quation marks to see what one can do with it. Finally the fond became too plump to express the elegance or culture I felt when... [Lire la suite]
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18 mars 2010

The beginning of The Spring of the Poets 2010

Here the birth of this..... A little thank you comic for this project : photo, text and realisation - Valentin Thiebaut,model, idea and realisation - Florence Heyer (and this comic strip)
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16 mars 2010

The Spring of the Poets 2010

Here is the second work of my 'career' chosen to be exposed officially. I didn't believe it!!It was chosen for 'the spring of the poets' ('le printemps des poètes') this year. It is a project in my university for the first years, but in fact, every student can present one or two work pieces with his text and illustration in the context of a certain subject. This year's subject was 'the women in colours' ('la femme en couleurs') I wanted to create textures with the wrapping film putting the ink afterwards in... [Lire la suite]
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20 février 2010

Mali - tape 2

my private jet... my car... my land... my house... and my private artist with wich I work at Bamako... XD bisous X3
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14 février 2010

Mali - studying voyage 12.02. - 10.03.2010

14.02.2010Second day in Bamako. I'm full of sand and ful of great malian food!! I'm gonna ask some of their cooking ideas! lD We're in a great house with a nice coolk and his helper (Sarah and Betty) who make great diner every evening.I don't really had the occasion to visit Bamako much, but I want to see so much more!!I'll go surey often, searching for fabrics and earrings/jewelly in metal and leather... something for my beloved sisters?? lDWe went to the national museum yesterday. The masks are just awesome, funny or simply... [Lire la suite]
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