17 octobre 2012


  Again I realised some sketchbooks for notes and ideas. It is a relaxing type of work. This time I used a kinf of fabric used for sunprotectors on a balcony. The cover ist thicker paper with a layer of plastic used for file folders.
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28 mai 2012


I am creating different and individual note books to gain a little bit of money before the big summer of projects! I don't draw anymore, (exept ideas and storyboards) so I have a lot of expensive highquality paper left, which wants to be used. two sketchbooks with softcover, square-glue(?) binding, recycled 100g paper, maliain WAX-fabric and ribbon, given two sketchbooks with softcover, glue binding, recycled 100g paper, provencian fabric and ribbon, given sketchbook with hardcover, japanese binding with glue binding, 300g... [Lire la suite]
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20 novembre 2010

rénovation de la condition humaine. . .

I'm at a new start but still continuing learning. This time at the ésacm École Supérieure d'Art de Clermont-Ferrand Métropole doing my 4th and 5th year until the Master (DNSEP).( more of this new school soon here in my weblog! ) More and more I'm asked by coincidence if I could do some bookbindings or, in this case here, a renovation of the human's condition'! ^^ The General Secretary gave me this task, he simply wanted to be able to read this without it falling apart. He liked what I've done and me too, for once, I'm quite... [Lire la suite]
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24 septembre 2010

bookbinding workshop 2010

After I did a internship with a bookbinder in Trier (Germany), I looked forward to give my knowledge to the others of my school. SOON : pictures from these two days of workshop:  
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