09 avril 2010

animation- for me the most fascinating ever!

Here this great awesome genious video Patrick Jean' 'Pixels' : exactly what I love so much and what I want to do and learn- the mix of video and animation (3D or 2D) to create a new world, a surprising and humouristic one, where everthing becomes possible! I'm so tired of not being able to create pictures I want to show. So I have to learn so much about AfterEffects (2D1/2), Maya and so on.  I'm thirsty- only satisfied when I can couch what I had in mind... bisos X3 
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28 novembre 2009

elimination animation

This I a work I realized in my first year of the school of art ésaé. It was the very first time I touched Adobe Flash and I enjoyed doing this animation! I hope you do too while watching it! ^ ___ ^ (On deviantart is this animation in a much better resolution!)ELIMINATION_AnimationNEU_FLASH8 bisous X3
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27 novembre 2009


I would like to show my animation for the multimedia project but devianart.com doesn't get it with the Loadmovie...so...Here a piece of it where I put completly random text to show a little bit the sort of style this will be! ^^ wanna_say_something(25dpi! ugh!!) bisous X3
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