I am creating different and individual note books to gain a little bit of money before the big summer of projects! I don't draw anymore, (exept ideas and storyboards) so I have a lot of expensive highquality paper left, which wants to be used.

DSCF0474 DSCF0469
two sketchbooks with softcover, square-glue(?) binding, recycled 100g paper, maliain WAX-fabric and ribbon, given

two sketchbooks with softcover, glue binding, recycled 100g paper, provencian fabric and ribbon, given

sketchbook with hardcover, japanese binding with glue binding, 300g aquarellpaper, tainted paper, sold

sketchbook with hardcover, japanese bookbinding with glue binding, 300g aquarellpaper, maliain WAX-fabric, sold

I made other sketchbooks in all sizes and paper qualities. Ask, when you have an order (bookbinding of mémoires, studies/ paper work, photos, etc. - everything!)! It takes one hour when I have all the material.