Like in 2011, I had the pleasure to be chosen within a group of students of the ésacm to work outside of Clermont-Ferrand.

This time the ARC paysage took place in Africa, Benin, in Cotonou and aroundings precisely!!! This would have been the second time I went to Africa so that my memory of this continent didn't stop with impressions from Mali, Bamako. As I worked on the body and it's mouvements in different cultures in mali, I couln't concentrate on the sounds which I impressed me, too. This time, I could put all my attention on them.

This is a tiny choice of the 200 recordings

This trip was awesome in all perspectives. I met many people of different métiers like musicians, artists, artisans, cooks, children, guardians, merchants etc. All these people participated at this project.

I asked them to produce a soundfrom something of their ourroundings with their mouth. This created sounds we can't distinguich or identify anymore and gives the sound the dimension of sound, not the simple reproduction of something existing.

(The sound will be uploaded soon)