Two of my new costumes worn at a comic and film Convention in Bonn, Germany :

I wanted to do another strange Cosplay as I learned how to work with clay and plaster during a workshop at my school so I began with Popeye's chin. Now I know how to work with Latex and I'm nearer to my dream Cosplay than before..... You will know what it is when it's finished! ^^

 toni007 7976429 Ryu-chan89 7959031 Zynicus 7997606
cosplayers : me as Popeye                                                          kyuhyun as Olive
fotos : toni007                                          ryu_chan89                                      Zynicus, convention shooting
Worn friday at the AnimagiC 2011 in Bonn, Germany

I didn't do a group costume for a long time and I missed it. So here a simpler cosplay... so simple that even my friends didn't recognised me! They said, I was too blackhaired, too serious and too normal!! °:D Here is the original character :-

toni007 7988771 67832012 67833067 
cosplayers : me as Yamazaki           and...                                         Zipp.
fotos : toni007                                         
toni007                                                  Reign
Worn saturday and sunday at the AnimagiC 2011 in Bonn, Germany in a group of three.

And here other fotos from an older costume... I wanted to try to take underwater photos. I used a simple compact camera and an aquarium/ fish tank on the water surface! ^^

7889611 7889613
photos : Marie-Anne Heyer
cosplayers : me
as Goldeen, worn during a private shooting in Aix-en-Provence

Here the costumes made in september :

8228389 8197368 69219958
8197284 photos : Knux
Worn friday at the Connichi 2011 in Kassel, Germany in a group.

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