I had the chance to be one of the students chosen for a one week study trip in Le Havre (sunday 20.03. - friday 25.03.2011). We were chosen by our projects we presented (written) weeks before the trip.
Here some pictures of this open, geometrical and new city at the ocean.

Arc_Paysage_pr_projet_2 Arc_Paysage_pr_projet_1
(selected Google Earth pictures)

100_7538 100_7578 DSC_0376_ DSC_0253
IMG_8910_ IMG_8969 IMG_8998
(pictures taken with a Canon EOS except the two first ones)

For my project, I wanted to work on these strange and nearly surreal forms seen from above.

IMG_8591 IMG_8597 IMG_8792 IMG_9011
Thank you p.e.  Laura,         Lucile,                                Dominique,                         Ahmed                        . . .

In the end I worked on a video, as always. I can't change it, the mouvement images are my nature! :D
I'm working on it's montage at the moment, I will upload it when it is finished. The inhabitants become these forms or imitate them. Simple assignations(?) give birth so strange forms and movements.

In the end, I met at least 65 people, all completely different. Each encounter has it's own story. The video professor, Alex Pou, said : 'You seem to be able to make people do everything you want them to do. It's surprising that they really do it.' - Well... haaa... *showing off* It's my natural overwhelming charisma! Haha! :D

It was a great experience and as always, I didn't stop moving to see everything I could get!
Thank you so much ésacm, thank you also to all indulgent participants! (list soon)

From this research of geometric form, I saw my research images as photography for the first time.

100_7558 100_7581
100_7564 IMG_8960neu
They will be replaces by the corrected pictures (colour, contrasts) soon!