I got to improve my technique, so I did one two things after each day of Videoformes's internship.

- A tiny molding exercise I did this evening,

I just finished the second side of the four sides this evening (the bottom will be the casting/molding opening in the final printing). I will do the two other sides tomorrow- err... no, today.  (it's 01:03 a.m. already!)

63212073  - And another mold with whom I will do a mask with a material I discovered at Videoformes' internship : It is easy to manipulate, you get a beautiful smoth surface using water, and it stays light and shock resistant!

100_7075shinigami_I am interested in this project, because this 'person' has nothing to do with a the human body. He is taller, smaller and has only one leg etc... I don't want to transform myself into someone else, bit into something else!

Here some work in progress photos :

I really would like to come home before 21:00 p.m. Out at 9a.m., home at 9p.m. I'm so tired. . .

bisous X3