It was a great and really productive day! Well, the others too, but this one was a little special ^^
First thing : I finally had a really great English seminar for a long time now. It was so great to speak english with French without them looking at me as if I were crazy or snobbish acting up in front of them.
The greatest is that they give us the possibility to pass an internationally recognised exam! (yeah, recognised with an s, I try to speak British English! XD) Not only that the teacher to exercises with us and prepares us to pass it, but our school also takes the financial part!! Awesome!! \ * 0 * / Since I'm french and german, I don't have to pass another language exam, so it's really cool that I can be certificated in English! I'll have three languages official certificated as fluent!! :D (Do I love languages? Do I? XD)

Second thing and the main reason why I write here for you :
Before the International Festival of Shortfilms of Clermont-Ferrand (Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand), I never realised how many festivals there were; all the time and everywhere.
I met so many directors, cameramen and producers, it gave me a tiny idea how all this works.
So I entered the international site of online shortfilm stockage (Shortfilmdepot) and discovered a lot more festivals!

I just submitted three of my videos for three festivals :
screenshot0_ Image_9_neu Florence_Heyer_clic_flou3

my submissions for the Curtocirciuto International Short Film Festival 2011

I will send the other submissions Ampelmännchen and Le Corps In Mali - in march for the International Competitions at :
- 25 FPS, International Experimental Film And Video Festial 2011, Zagreb and
- Concorto Film Festival 2011 - Pontenure, World Stories (International Fiction)

clic will be send to :
- 25 FPS, International Experimental Film And Video Festial 2011, Zagreb

Awesome, how many details wants in his papers! Videoformes was less formal and smaller :D You can see videos of the festival and on their blog.
EDIT - Clic has been selected for the second price of Videoformes' Highschool competition! It's my first official price!

Two weeks ago, I submitted these three and two another ones (Texte En Ligne) to the festival Videoformes in Clermont-Ferrand where I do my working experience in march and april. (yeah, when others go skiing! XD)

I hope they will like what I did...
bisous X3


note @ myself - international festivals!